Tuesday, July 6, 2010

sing a song of White Rock!!

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Our six months of Spring, may finally be over! Today, the sky is a vibrant shade of blue. A walk down Marine drive is an assault to the senses. There is an abundance of young flesh on display. Young people with firm bodies, everyone in a bathing suit. The air is scented with salt from the sea, fish and chips, vinegar and ketchup, and coconut oil sunscreen. Everyone is carrying a cup or cone of gelato, or ice cream, or a cardboard tray of fish and chips. Families are out, and every picnic table on the beach is taken.

I had a lovely lunch at Slainte by the Pier, and took a walk down to East Beach, to procure an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie from Watts Cooking. I walked back home along the promenade, beachside, and took a minute to remember why I chose to make this community my home...

Happy Summer...long may it be!!

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