Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last post of the year...but Cathy will be eating over Christmas!

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Ahhh, I made it to the last Cathy Eats post of the year!( New post tentatively planned Jan 2nd 2012) I am getting ready to hit the road to visit family in the snowy Okanagan for the next 5 days. Truth be told, the P-Man and I have been out almost every night, and my cooking has been lacklustre to non existent. C'est la vie...It's the Holidays, and I am in the mood to be served.
My business life has been getting a bit busier of late.( a good thing! ) I have decided to keep my once a week every Monday blogging schedule for Cathy Eats, but wanted to let you know about a few other places you can read my writing about food. This Friday Dec 23rd at 4:30 pm, a new post will be published on an online magazine called GoodVeg. I have agreed to write a post a week for them as well, and as far as I know, they will be appearing on Wednesdays...but I will let you know! The GoodVeg posts will be about how I maintain my weight and stay healthy by incorporating more vegetables and fruits into my diet. Don't worry, I'm not becoming a vegetarian...there will still be posts including pork products at Cathy Eats...I'm just branching out a little. Stretching my writing wings! If you read this blog, you also know that I sometimes do restaurant reviews, especially when I am travelling. I have decided to move those reviews from Cathy Eats to Trip Advisor. I have been posting reviews for a year now, at and am really enjoying the format, the feedback, and the badges I get from them. I want to keep this blog pure and simple...It's about what I cook, and what I think of what I cook...and of course riffs on how to keep the P-Man happy with yet another variation of spaghetti with meat sauce!
So, that's it.
Another year is almost over, and I am still cooking, and eating and writing about it.
Pretty damn good life...
Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and a GREAT 2012!
Go crazy...leave me a comment once in awhile, would ya, Please?


  1. Cathy, given that I HATE cooking, thought I might live the good life(wife?)vicariously through your personall appreciation for this art. I will definitely check out your restaurant reviews and travel blogs, too as I am more likely to have a good relationship with food if it isn't in my cupboards:)

    Peace and Joy for the holidays,
    Deb Bakos

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment. Nice to hear you will be looking for me all over...and I am so pleased to be your 'cooking coaxer'
    Keep repeating: I LOVE cooking! I LOVE cooking...and who knows, in 2012 you may discover another ART...a tasty one!