Thursday, February 18, 2010

Everybody loves 'Left-Overs'

Print Friendly and PDF I am a firm believer in the cook once, eat four times, style of meal preparation. This doesn't mean I eat exactly the same meal for four days. I just lay the foundation for a variety of meals that can be created with the protein, vegetable and starch that I made the first day. For example: I made spaghetti with beef meatballs, and a basic tomato sauce. After one meal of that, I added some sliced mushrooms, sliced fennel, and canned tomatoes to extend the sauce, and made a pot of brown rice. Now it becomes meal number two. I also had some sausage and peppers from the party, so I sliced up some of the sausage, added the cooked peppers, and a bit of wine, and served that over the spaghetti. Meal number three. Tomorrow, I plan to add a can of salmon, and some more veggies to the leftover garlic mashed potatoes, to make a sort of salmon croquette, that I can eat with some of the leftover carrot and seed salad, also from the party. You see how it can go on and on. If I get tired of one of the flavours, or one of the ingredients I can usually freeze it, and the bonus is it has already been cooked, and I can look for inspiration another day! When I was in Fashion Design, I never got really excited about a garment until I found the fabric. I am the same way with cooking. Once I find the thing I want to eat, I have no problem building a meal around it...or a few meals!

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