Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's Party Week!!

Print Friendly and PDF One of the best things about working for someone else...besides the pay cheque and the lack of serious responsibility, is the new social circles you find yourself moving in. I am not what you would describe as a ' hard partying ' individual! That is... until I met...THE ITALIANS!! My employer, and her son, and her husband, and their friends, like to have a good time! They all find time to entertain regularly. They don't make it into a big deal. Simple, tasty food, and great wine. So...I have invited everyone over for a pre-Valentines, post- ensuite bathroom renovation, get together! There will be about 10 of us...and I do not intend to cook a sit down feast...but will be serving more than drinks and snacks. This requires a plan. I have checked my recipe books, and created a detailed grocery list. I think I have everything covered. Before I worked at Delitalia...the idea of hosting a party would have really stressed me out. Now, I am happy to do my best in the food department...and enjoy myself, just like everyone else. The P-Man usually handles the cleaning, and the shopping for wine and spirits. I prepare the food. I am planning on serving 3 different snacks to have with drinks, 2 entrees, 1 side dish, 2 cold salads, and a simple dessert . Today I made one of the snacks, and will do the food shopping. Four days and counting...Piece of cake!


  1. You are much more calm than I am when they are coming over. Looking forward to it.

  2. Me too!! Cathy B makes the best snacks!