Thursday, March 18, 2010

From the 'Grass is alway's Greener' file!'

Print Friendly and PDF I took this photo as we were walking through Soho in NYC. I think it is kind of funny, because in the small town I live in...the cost of parking is ALWAYS a hot topic. ( FYI...our parking rates are 2$ per hour! HA!)

I go back to work tomorrow. Officially the end of my vacation. I still haven't managed to cook very much since I came home...but I did manage to walk uptown and pick up some fresh veggies, and a couple of pounds of ground beef. I decided to make some meatloaf. It has been ages...but that's what I wanted. I had a look for a recipe on one of my favorite websites: . I like this website for many reasons, but most of all because you can type in the dish, or simply the ingredient you are wanting some inspiration for, and voila...a list pops up. In my case, I chose a new recipe called : ' Dinner Meatloaf Muffins.' It promised meatloaf in half the time, by cooking it in muffin tins. I had all the ingredients except for the saltine crackers. I substituted some other crackers I had in the cupboard, threw it all in a bowl, gave it a mix...formed big meatball shapes, plopped them in the muffin tins, and 25 minutes later I had some seriously delicious mini meat loafs! I roasted some asparagus, and added some leftover mashed potatoes. Despite using regular ground beef...the meatloaf came out incredibly moist and tender. The carrot added some sweetness, and the ketchup topping added some zing. I gave the P-Man a meatloaf lunch today, and he said it was excellent warmed up in the microwave. I will definitely save this recipe for the future. I wonder how it would work for meatballs?

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