Monday, March 1, 2010

Working Girl

Print Friendly and PDF This is where I work! The awning says it all. I am off today, and have spent some of my time planning my upcoming NYC trip. New York is so huge, that you have to bite off a little of the big juicy apple at a time. The P-man and I spent some time yesterday, in between the Gold Medal Hockey game and the Closing Ceremonies looking at websites and menus for NYC restaurants. It was a mouth-watering hour or so! We made reservations at only 2 restaurants. I think my plan is going to be to try to put something AMAZING into my mouth at some point each day. I am not going to worry about when and where the magic is going to happen, I am going to have faith that it will. Besides eating...I am also going to try to fit in an architectural walking tour, visits to MOMA and the Guggenheim, and of course, shopping! For the last month or so, S .and J. and I have been researching and experimenting with some new soups at Delitalia. I am constantly amazed at how a hot, well made, delicious soup can satisfy customers on a level that I am not sure any other food item could. I would say that our soups garner the most complements of anything else we make. S. has become a soup ' SOUPERSTAR' !! I remember an AWFUL day about a month after I started working in the kitchen. It was early morning, and somehow S. got tangled up in a potholder and a pot of boiling water. She was very severely burned, and as we were getting her in the car she kept telling me how to finish the soup that was cooking on the stove! I swear, she was almost unconscious, and the last words I heard before they drove off to the hospital was " Don't forget to add the potatoes..." I finished the soup, by looking at a little scrap of paper that was supposed to be the recipe. I don't recall if I received any complements that day...but making soup every day for two weeks while S. recovered was a good crash course in soup making. One day in NYC will definitely be a soup day!

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