Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fooled by a BURGER!!

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We are constantly bombarded by advertising...and some blatantly false claims. It seems that these days, anyone can be the BEST...especially if they want to do a bit of advertising. I had a store for 17 years. You'd think I'd know the drill...But I suppose I forgot. I work with a guy who likes to hang out with his buddies...a lot. This guy hangs out at a local restaurant. Last week at work, I must have heard him tell 50 people about this certain,special BURGER. It went something like this: ' Hey, my buddy owns a restaurant, and a couple of weeks ago, his burger beat out more than 400 other places, to be named the BEST BURGER!' After about the 50th time hearing this...I really wanted to try that award winning BURGER. When I got home from work, I informed the P-Man, that I was going to take him out for dinner...and he was going to eat THE BEST BURGER!

We headed down to the beach, and had a seat at the restaurant. Let's call it FOOLI's... It was a Friday night, and the place was packed. We ordered some wine, and 2 of the burgers and waited. Almost an hour later...they arrived. The plate looked not bad, except for the extreme paleness of the frites. I like mine a little crispier. I examined my burger, and found the following: A stale whole grain bun, with a smear of regular mayonnaise on the top bun, with a leaf of butter lettuce. What was supposed to have been a 7 oz patty of meat, char grilled, and a bottom bun with a little pile of diced red onions, barely warmed. I discarded the stale top bun, mayo and lettuce, and cut into the burger. It was dry and crumbling, with a bit of pink showing. I could not taste any flavour at all, except for beef. I don't even think it had been seasoned with salt and pepper. There was no binder, egg or bread...just beef. I had a burger in Palm Springs that was similar, except that burger was bloody. I didn't see the thrill of all beef then...or now. The P-Man ate his burger covered with ketchup from the plastic container on the table, and ended up leaving half the bun on the plate. The server came by to ask us if it was 'OK'? I think she could tell by my, 'fine' that it was NOT 'fine'...but she was busy.

This award winning meal, complete with a 1/2 litre of wine, so that we wouldn't choke to death on the driest burger I have ever eaten ,came to a little over 65 dollars with the tip. I don't know who the other 400 restaurants were...but I personally have had burgers that were 100 times more delicious at: The Cactus Club, Milestones,( even their veggie burger was better )The Keg's mini sirloin burgers are GREAT, at Montgomery's and the Sandpiper, and most memorably, The Four Seasons.

There you have it. FULI's certainly fooled me...

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