Tuesday, August 31, 2010

homemade soup and Hawaii 50

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I have been watching a Hawaii 50 marathon on TV. Quite the little time capsule. I have seen fashion,food,electronics,and architecture/interior design...all circa 1967. This was the TV of my youth. I think the things I am most surprised about is how good looking Jack Lord was... and how cool the opening sequence was, with the big wave and that groovy music!

Thank goodness the marathon is only on in the morning! At least the rest of the day can be spent doing a bit of COOKING!! I have been trying to clean out my freezer. I have the kind of refrigerator with freezer drawers, and they really don't hold much food. Nevertheless, it is always good to get in there and see what's hiding. Yesterday, I decided to make some soup. I had 4 small containers of a sort of bean soup I had made a few months ago, that wasn't my tastiest creation. I had always planned to un-thaw it, and tweak it a bit, until it became more what I liked to eat. I thought that I could turn it into a sort of minestrone.

I started out with a small white onion, 2 cloves of garlic, celery and carrot, all chopped. I sauteed them in a big lug of olive oil, and added a generous amount of fresh thyme and oregano, salt and pepper. I added a small can of stewed tomatoes, and the thawed soup, plus an additional container of homemade ham stock. Then I boiled some whole wheat bow tie pasta, and set it aside. I boiled the soup for about 20 minutes, and turned off the heat. After it had cooled a bit, I tasted it for seasoning, and found it quite delicious. When the P-Man walked in the door, I scooped some bow ties into the bottom of a bowl, and ladled the soup over top. So it was not just soup, for supper, I added some toasted whole grain bread spread with some light Boursin cheese,topped with a few slices of fresh cucumber and a few grinds of fresh pepper.

I don't know why...but tonight I may create something with pineapple! Book em Danno!

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