Thursday, April 14, 2011

Edible Selby!

Print Friendly and PDF I love someone, besides the P-Man. I love The Selby! The Selby is a very talented photographer with a love for food, and creative people. I want you to look him up, and love him too!
Edible Selby at:

For The Selby's photos and films ( check out Rockaway Taco! It's my favorite!) of creative food and drink artisans. Every shoot comes with an exclusive recipe and is guaranteed to make you hungry. Many of these shoots were done in collaboration with the NY Times as part of their edible selby column that appears in every issue of T magazine.

These photos are beautiful! I follow The Selby on twitter, and hope to meet him one day in an exotic location, in a superb restaurant! Our eyes will meet...of course the P-Man will be long dead...and the Selby and I will make sweet, creative ,culinary music together....

If you would like to follow ME, following The Selby on twitter...please do

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