Thursday, April 14, 2011

another day...another pot of chicken soup!

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I made a pot of chicken broth the other day...and for some reason it was EXTRA good! I turned that broth into a kind of vegetable soup that was ALSO extra good...and one I will make again. I fried up some onions in a pot, and added 2 small green zucchini, and a whole head of fennel, both chopped CHUNKY. I then added enough chicken broth to cover, threw in a couple of Parmesan rinds that were past their prime, and a good 3 tablespoons of dried basil. I simmered everything for about 45 minutes, then blended it smooth in a blender. Here's where it gets creative! I took a cup of frozen peas and some chopped parsley and mixed them together. When the peas were un-thawed, I heated up a bowl of soup, and added the uncooked pea and parsley mixture, and ate it up! was fresh from the peas, and savoury from the chicken and the cheese rinds! I ate this soup for a week for lunch...and was sad when it was gone!
Ladies and gentlemen...We HAVE a WINNER!!

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