Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chicken soup with dumplings

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I worked 2 days merchandising at Well Seasoned this week. I was trying to get my head into the chocolate/Easter mode...but I kept smelling something...DELICIOUS! I had eaten breakfast, and had brought a coffee and a homemade buttermilk bran muffin...but every time I walked near the front of the store I smelled this smell. Like meat cooking, simmering, boiling...Mmmmm

At 11:30 I couldn't stand it anymore. I told Shelley I was going for lunch. I had already had my number 2 Ukrainian combo plate earlier in the week, so on the drive to work...I had decided to have Borscht for lunch. Judy came over to take my order, and when I said I was thinking about having borscht and a sandwich for lunch...she told me that today's special was:


Well...she had me at the I ordered the special, and wondered if that smell,I had been smelling all morning could possibly compare to the actual soup. It did! The dumplings were light and fluffy, and the broth was rich with celery,onion and carrot. The first bite of sandwich was crisp and tangy with green onion and creamy mayonnaise...I ate 1/2 the soup before I remembered my camera was in my purse!
Thanks Langley Baba...

Prairie Cottage Perogies...You really have to go!!

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