Friday, May 6, 2011

2nd Annual Soda Bread SHOWDOWN at Slainte

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This lovely photo is the view from the patio at Slainte by the Pier Restaurant on Marine Drive in White Rock. The view is ever changing. Sometimes the tide's out, sometimes it's in. Sometimes the sun's shining, sometimes it's not. One thing that is constant, is the great food at Slainte! This Sunday, May 8th, is a special day for many reasons. It's Mother's Day. It's Sunday, so that means that Slainte is hosting it's weekly Irish Folk Session from 2 to 5's time for this year's,

The 2nd Annual Soda Bread Showdown!

This Sunday, myself and Maureen Robinson, owner of the Milsean Shoppe in Aldergrove will be part of the judging panel. From 2 to 5 on Sunday May 8th, we will be tasting what we expect to be MANY fabulous recipes of traditional, and non-traditional soda bread.

For more information, and to get your entry form...please visit
We hope to see you, and your mom, on Sunday!
I'll be the one with a smile on my face, and some tasty soda bread in my hand...

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