Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2nd Annual Soda Bread SHOWDOWN...The RESULTS!

Print Friendly and PDF I was having too much of a good time on Sunday afternoon at Slainte by the Pier's 2nd Annual Soda Bread SHOWDOWN to remember to actually TAKE A PHOTO OF THE SODA BREAD!!! so these cute little Guinness Salt and pepper shakers is all you get!( For sale for $19.99...check the website for more info.)


I arrived a little after 2 pm, and the restaurant was HOPPING! Mother's Day is always a bit of a panic...one of those 'ALL HANDS ON DECK' situations! Nevertheless, the musicians were playing, the people were clapping and singing and eating...and the competition soda breads were arriving. By 3 pm, we had received 3 entries, and Jack had them cut up and placed on platters for judging. Everyone in the restaurant was invited to come up and have a taste,and to decide their favorite. Even though I did not have a large pink sash that had "JUDGE" printed on it in large black letters, or an official clipboard with one of those pens on a string,or a serious pair of black rimmed reading glasses to wear low down on my nose to enable me to scowl at the texture and 'uniformness' of each loaf of soda bread...I did admire the democracy of the Sunday afternoon pub atmosphere!


I am pleased to report that the loaf that was chosen as the winner, was MY choice as well. Chris was the big winner...and coincidentally...it was his first attempt at baking soda bread!
Well done Chris! I thought your loaf was delicious, a bit sweet, and smelled as good as it tasted!
Hey...I believe that description could apply to most mothers as well!

I'm already looking forward to next year's competition...Chris will be defending his title, and it will give me some time to design my SASH, buy some glasses, and locate a clipboard...with one of those pens on a string...(I love those!)

Thanks Jack!

Slainte By The Pier
Contemporary Irish Restaurant and Bar
15057 Marine Drive
West Beach, White Rock, BC


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