Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery- SPUD

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I started something NEW a couple of weeks ago. On Fridays, a strange man pushes my apartment buzzer, and I run down the stairs to meet him! When I open the door, he hands me a large plastic tub...we say goodbye...and I head for the elevator with visions of recipes dancing in my head!

I confess...I have become addicted to the taste,and convenience of a weekly organic produce box...and I couldn't be happier!


I am not a particularly 'time-starved' person.In fact,I am almost the opposite of busy.I like to live my life on the 'slow' side.I take time to do stretches, walk 1/2 an hour to buy a cookie, or have 3 hour lunches while reading a magazine on sunny patios at the beach. Why then,am I having groceries DELIVERED? I like to think that for the same reason I could not design a dress or a top until I saw the fabric, sometimes I like to cook with ingredients that are chosen FOR me. As a woman who has been married for 26 years, and as a daughter who did almost all the grocery shopping from age 11 on...I am not as keen to wander around the grocery store as I once was.I have also discovered that I have a habit of purchasing the SAME ingredients, and cooking them the SAME way.This weekly organic produce box has shaken things up for me, and I am loving it.


Last week's box contained some kind of green melon that was so flavourful and juicy my whole kitchen smelled like flowers and fruit. The P-Man and I ate that melon BEFORE supper, as sort of an appetizer, with chunks of Parmesan cheese and raw almonds. It was like that scene in Julie and Julia, where Julia Child is eating something spectacular in a Paris cafe and is temporarily speechless, it was just so good! The lettuce has also been great, as has the spinach, and beet greens (I completely INCINERATED the poor little beets that were on the other end of the greens...but that is another blog post!)

The other thing that I have noticed these last couple of weeks, is that I have been cooking MORE, and have been trying NEW recipes. I have also been eating more fruit. The new Weight Watchers Points Plus Program has almost all fruit and vegetables with a 0 points value! Snacking on delicious fresh fruit has been such a nice change to my diet. The pleasure of having something as simple as 2 perfect peaches ripening on my counter is a real novelty.
So...I am happy to keep my weekly liaison with SPUD, my guilty pleasure. No more wandering through aisles and aisles of lacklustre produce,or driving to a variety of small farm stands to find 1 item great, and 3 more not. Or trying to remember to drive up to the local farmers market on Sunday, when I would rather be lunching at the beach!


I would also like to share some excellent customer service I have received from SPUD. Last week there was an envelope in my tub with my customer code and my name on it. I opened it up and found a nice hand written card that read:

Hi Cathy,
Welcome to Spud, your local food movement. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions,concerns,feedback,or suggestions.
Happy Eating,
Vancouver Customer Care.

Good food, nice people, good service...It's going to be a beautiful friendship...



  1. I've thought about spud, haven't tried them out yet! I kinda like going through the huge crowds at donalds ;)

  2. Thanks for your comment Leanna!
    I know what you mean...when you are in the mood, there is nothing like good old 'cart smashing' grocery shopping!