Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Free to Be

Print Friendly and PDF I was happily maintaining my weight, and enjoying some welcome time off, after closing my Fashion Retail business I had started in 1990, when a strange opportunity knocked on the door. I was getting to know the woman who was running our town's Sunday Farmers Market, and she let me know that a nearby bakery was needing some help selling their bread at the market. I called up the owner, and had the first job interview I had had in nearly 20 years, and got the job! Kind of strange to be driving a bread truck, and selling fresh bread...as I had a dad and brothers who were bakers for a good chunk of my childhood...but life is funny that way. Goodbye Fashion...Hello Food! The summer was long and hot...and I only remember one Sunday that was rainy and miserable. I got to meet some local food producers, and serve alot of people who LOVED the bread. As the summer came to a close, I received another phone call, from someone who wanted to know if I was looking for a winter job...WORKING IN A KITCHEN!! More food...what was happening? I was not prepared for questions like: Do you have a PASSION for food? ( not sure) Do you know how to cook? Yes I do... Would you be able to start today? Okay... It was supposed to be until December 2009...I'm still there... It seems I am a great employee! Who knew?

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