Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Heavenly Halibut

Print Friendly and PDF I have another day off today. It is windy and rainy, so I decided to keep cleaning the apartment, and to do some more cooking. I spent the morning sorting papers. I have decided that I should investigate starring in my own reality TV show. It will be called PILERS. Kind of like HOARDERS...but not so bad! I am definitely NOT a hoarder. In fact, the P-Man lives in fear of what I am going to get rid of next! But I do tend to make piles. Big piles and little piles, of things like receipts, pictures I ripped out of magazines, newspapers, magazines with pictures ripped out. You get the idea. I derive some perverse pleasure out of MAKING the pile...then at a later date, SORTING the pile. Today was a sorting day, and I must tell you...I feel much better! After my breakfast, I cleaned the nice Romaine lettuce I picked up yesterday...and I have decided that tomorrow it will be transformed into a tasty and nutritious taco salad. I also had to figure out what to do with the fresh halibut fillets I had in the fridge. I decided to prepare them for a special lunch with myself. I dredged them in a little flour with a bit of paprika and summer savoury. I sprinkled the fillets with salt and pepper, heated up some oil and butter in my best frying pan, and proceeded to pan fry them to a golden goodness. I had no lemon, just a lime, so I thought I would whip up a little sauce to go with the fish. I squeezed a bit of lime juice into a small bowl and added a spoon of mayonnaise and some sweet chili sauce. I also blanched some asparagus. The fish was wonderful! It was super hot, with a crunchy crackly skin, and a nice golden color on top of the pure white flesh. I scooped the silky fish off the skin, and dipped it in the sauce. It was so moist and soft it almost melted in my mouth. The sauce was a bit tangy, and complimented the delicate flavour of the fish. The asparagus was barely cooked, and didn't need a thing. I ate it naked. No salt, no butter, no pepper. With a glass of yesterday's Sauvingnon Blanc...I was more than happy to continue sorting...

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