Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sunshine and magazines and macaroni and cheese

Print Friendly and PDF Today was a nearly perfect day. It started out with the P-Man taking me to White Spot for breakfast. I LOVE breakfast. The only thing better than breakfast, is eating breakfast in a restaurant that has that early morning pancake syrup smell! After breakfast, the P-Man sped off to work in his sporty little car, and I stopped off at the grocery store for a few items for tonight's supper. After wrestling with the self check-out...( 'Please remove the item from the bagging area'. 'Please wait for assistance'. said the perky computerized voice in a condescending manner!) I proceeded to walk down the big hill, back home. I have a HUGE PILE of magazines that I am trying to get through.

As a footnote to yesterdays PILING confession...I seem to be UNABLE to get rid of a magazine until I have flipped through it, or read it completely. So, with a sunny day, and a full stomach from breakfast...I took my place outside on the deck to read. And read I did. I read men's magazines(GQ), women's magazines (ELLE), foreign magazines, (TATTLER), local magazines,( WESTWORLD), magazines you get on the plane,( EN ROUTE), and magazines about food! (EAT, NORTHWEST PALATE) Yikes! All that reading made me hungry. When I realized it was 2 pm and I hadn't had lunch...I felt extra hungry. I decided on macaroni and cheese. I grew up eating KRAFT DINNER. As I grew older I began to have strong reservations about the chemicals and preservatives, and no doubt, cancer causing food colouring additives contained in that particular product. As I was unwilling to give up ever eating conveniently boxed macaroni and cheese again, I have switched to Annie's Home Grown Macaroni and Cheese, Shells and White Cheddar. I boiled up a box, and added some butter and milk, and some paprika and pepper, and a can of drained tuna, and some chopped green onions and cilantro. I dumped everything into a bowl, and ate it in the sun...with my copy of Edible Manhattan that I picked up on my recent trip to NYC. My lunch was creamy and filling. The tuna, cilantro, and green onions, really gave the dish some punch! I put the other half in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch, and got back to reading.

I think I may have enough time to read one more magazine before I have to start making supper for the P-Man and I. I'm trying a new recipe for a sort of taco salad...I hope it turns out as nearly perfect as the day...

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