Friday, May 21, 2010

Jean George's Market Restaurant

Print Friendly and PDF I am having one of those weeks. I had planned to attend a discussion on the future of the Vancouver Art Gallery, at 7pm at Robson Square. The trouble was...I showed up a day early, in a wind and rain storm, with no umbrella, with the P-Man out of town, and nothing to show for it, but an extremely wet walk from the bus to my place! Last night, completely positive of the date...I tried again. The weather was very pleasant, with a hint of blue sky, and a touch of breeze. I made my way from the Canada Line station at Granville and Georgia to Market Restaurant...for a drink and a snack before my event. I had been to this restaurant a couple of years ago. It had been a farewell dinner for a friend who has run off to Australia to seek her fortune! I remember the dress I favorite Diane Von Furstenburg, and that the food was excellent. I felt like treating myself after last night's bone chilling, windswept disaster! The lounge is a beautiful space. Gold gilded columns, polished pewter bar stools, and nice comfortable banquettes with fire engine red cowhide pillows. I was seated and decided to have a glass of Italian white wine, and a warm shrimp salad. As I was sipping my wine, the server asked if I would like some bread. I said yes, and the most perfect little crusty roll arrived. It was accompanied by a small plate of the sweetest, creamiest butter I have tasted in a long time. I ate the bun slowly, tearing it into pieces with determination, as it had that wonderful elastic, crusty exterior, with a delicious yeasty centre. In a civilized amount of time, my salad arrived. It looked great! A composed salad, it consisted of 4 large prawns, that had been butterflied, and coated with dressing, placed at the 4 corners of the plate. The salad contained frissee, romaine, oak leaf, and a lettuce that had the most incredible color. It was slightly thicker than a regular lettuce, with a smokey, bittersweet flavour. The color was the deepest, richest burgundy. I asked my server, and she said it was called ' Golo Rossa' (sp?) on top of the greens were the tiniest, whitest enoki mushrooms, some red ripe seeded tomato cut into a fine dice, and sliced ,perfectly ripe avocado. The shrimp were warm, and my first bite endeared me forever to Market. I don't know how, or why...but the dressing reminded me of... PEROGIES!!!! Before you conclude that I must have the palate of a middle Eastern peasant...hear me out. I believe the dressing must have contained some sour cream, or creme fraiche. Perhaps some bacon was used instead of olive oil. I tasted some onion and a delicate cheese. It was balanced with a sharp, tangy, sweet hint of vinegar. All the flavours of 'you-know-what'!

My glass of wine was $11, and the amazing salad was $16. When my server brought my bill, he called me 'MISS'...I should have tipped him 20 bucks!

The restaurant is located in the Shangri la Hotel on Alberni Street in Vancouver. Just Google 'Market Restaurant Vancouver' if you would like to have a look at the menu.

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