Thursday, May 13, 2010 Baba is Smiling!!

Print Friendly and PDF I worked a couple of days at Well Seasoned in Langley. What Have I been thinking about, since I confirmed my work days? My plan of action? My schedule for the day? Hell, No! I was thinking about my lunch at Prairie Cottage Perogies! Here it is: A piece of garlic sausage, 3 cabbage rolls filled with rice and beef, 3 perogies filled with potato and cheese, and creamy coleslaw. Now anyone who knows me can attest to my cheerful chattiness. When this plate appeared before me, yesterday at lunch...I don't think I uttered one syllable...unless a happy sigh of contentment, counts!
The place was noon on a Wednesday, and everyone seemed as happy as I was. I spoke briefly with Judy, the owner, and she said that they seem to be busy EVERY DAY. One taste, and you can see why!
Thanks Judy. I find it quite amazing how happy a little plate costing a mere $6.25 can make me.
You really should see for yourself. I think they will serve you, even if your last name is NOT Lobchuck, or Yurkiw, or Novak, or Kalancha!
20771 Langley Bypass

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