Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rainy Amalfi

Print Friendly and PDF We have had a bit of bad weather, since arriving on the Amalfi Coast. Our hotel overlooks the sea, and every half an hour or so, we see some new and exciting WEATHER! It kind of reminds me of Salmon Arm, where my mom used to live. At any time during the day, you could walk out the back door to the lake, look up into the sky, and see what kind of weather you were in for next! Since arriving we have experienced :bright blue skies and warm sunshine, thunder and lightning, sudden soaking downpours, light sprinkles, and fierce winds that whip the clouds across the sky. We managed to lie at the pool for about an hour when we first arrived, and received a sunburn for our efforts! YIKES!!

Yesterday the weather was particularly fickle, so we decided to take the little bus into Vietri Sul Mare to have a walk around, and maybe have lunch. We arrived around two in the afternoon, but still managed to find a restaurant open, and willing to feed us. It was called:
Il Principe & la Civetta. I had a fresh shrimp salad, that featured local shrimp, and a simple dressing of fresh lemon juice. The shrimp was served on a bed of mixed lettuces like radicchio, and arugula. The shrimp were extremely fresh and smelled and tasted of the sea. The P-Man had spaghetti with a pesto of fresh anchovies and pine nuts. He said that it was one of the best things he has EVER eaten! It looked wonderful. A beautiful little pile of spaghetti, with small pieces of fresh anchovies, garlic, olive oil, sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts. I am not a big fan of pine nuts or sun dried tomatoes, finding the nuts at home quite bitter, and the tomatoes too strong and acidic. I managed to sneak a taste, and the flavours were so subtle and mellow, it was a revelation. We have been drinking local wine with all of our meals here, and they have been simply delicious. The P-Man had a glass of red wine with his spaghetti, and he said that it was smooth and flavourful, similar to a Pinot Noir, but MUCH better.

Today the sun has made an appearance, so we will try the pool again...

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