Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Scalinata...oh my aching feet...

Print Friendly and PDF Our second day in Positano...I wanted to have a look at the town. Everywhere we looked up, around us, were stairs. I let the P-Man know that I wanted to go UP! My blisters had finally healed from5 days of walking around Rome, so I strapped on my walking shoes, and we ascended the first set of stairs. Up, and up,and up we climbed. There really wasn't much of a view from the stairs we climbed because they were wedged between many buildings. By the time we could actually see down at the town, or at the sea, we were descending down the stairs past more buildings and hotels, and headed to an unknown beach, at the backside of Positano. We walked for at least an hour, and after climbing back up, and walking on the road back down towards the town...we decided to stop for lunch.

We ate at Caffe Positano. The P-Man and I found a seat in the shade, ordered some wine, and marvelled at the differences between owning a cafe in Canada and in Italy. What do you think the BC health inspector would think about waiters running across a busy street, carrying plates of food and drink, serving people seated practically right on the road? Yikes! We ordered some lunch, as we were starving from the long walk. I decided on the insalata mista, with fried calamari. The P-Man had a cold salad featuring thin slices of local octopus, followed by spaghetti with fresh basil pesto.

My salad was fresh and peppery, and containing the first bit of CARROT I have seen since I arrived in Italy. My calamari was tender with a light breading, and a HUGE chunk of local lemon. The P-Man's octopus salad was tender and flavourful, again brightened and enhanced with some local lemon and olive oil. His pasta was a basil flavoured explosion! I swear that we could smell it from across the busy, scooter filled street! He ate it with a smothering of fresh Parmesan...and made some extremely ' porco type' noises in the process!

We finished our wine, and headed down the road...today was a perfect day for a dip in the beautiful clear sea!

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