Sunday, June 13, 2010

YVR June 13, 2010

Print Friendly and PDF Today is the day! The P-Man and I are sitting comfortably in the Air Canada Lounge, enjoying a nice lunch, before heading to the gate to start our trip to Rome. If you haven't already guessed, the P-Man is a big-shot! There, I said it. He travels enough with his job, to allow him to accumulate lots and lots of Air Mile points, so that this flight was FREE! Sitting in the lounge is also included in the Free-ness, so here I am, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, using free YVR wireless, drinking a glass of free wine, hoarding 2 free newspapers, and at least 4 free magazines for the long flight, and eating a free lunch. Today's lunch was a buffet affair that included some vegetables and dip, ( MMMM bottled Ranch dressing! I'm having a 1980's Keg Flashback!) a delicious marinated chick pea salad with cucumber and tomato, and a hot stir fried noodle dish that tasted light and satisfying, and with a bit of soya sauce, went surprisingly well with the remaining Ranch dressing that was left smeared on the bottom of my plate! I just had a small bag of plain ripple potato chips, and will head back to the P-Man to finish my wine. A toast to the good life...we're almost there!

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