Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year...Trends and Blogs I LOVE!!

Print Friendly and PDF Tomorrow is New Years Eve. This is exciting, and frightening, as my 48th year is fast approaching! How can you spend 48 years on this planet, and have it feel like time is moving twice as fast, the older you get? When I started this blog, I did so without reading other food blogs. Lately, I have given myself permission to take the TIME to read other blogs. I have found some that I LOVE...and I would like to pass them on, so you can enjoy as well:


I also came across an article from The Washington Examiner, written by a woman with a blog called cherryteacakes, on The Five Hottest Food Trends For 2011. click on this link, and check it out, you may be surprised...I know I was!

Happy New Year!

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