Saturday, September 8, 2012

Good Morning...Julia In Paris

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Hi, Sorry, it's been awhile! 

I've been meaning to try and update this blog template for ages,,,and today was the day! It's 6:15 am, I just spent 300$ on a ticket to what sounds like a fabulous food event in Vancouver tonight, and I'm teaching a private blogging workshop for 4 eager beavers at 2:00 pm.
All in all...I guess it's just business as usual...HA!
This month is also a milestone in my weight loss journey. At the end of September, it will be 5 years since I reached my lifetime status with Weight Watchers. So...I lost 30 pounds in 2007...and those 30 pounds still haven't managed to find me again...SSSSSHHHH...they may be's still dark outside!


I haven't given up writing about food completely. In fact one of the reasons I stopped writing here, was I was asked to write a recipe a week, complete with charming little story for an online vegetarian magazine called GoodVeg. I've done 39 posts for them so far...and have really enjoyed stretching my vegetarian 'muscles' usually the pork and beef and chicken 'muscles' are in the way! Lessons? My grocery bill is a fraction of what it was, and I've started to lose a bit more weight, lately. My skin and hair, are looking very good as well!


Okay...I need to make some coffee, or this day just will not turn out well...oh look it's getting light...and I will fall asleep face first in my bouillabaisse at my Julia In Paris dinner tonight. So...for little 140 tidbits in between posts...please follow me on twitter...I'm constantly 'tweeting GOLD'!!

Until next time, pussycats...Bon Appetit!!