Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Party Planning...Recipe Searching!

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I am hosting a party on Saturday night. I have 3 days off this let the menu planning BEGIN!! Whenever I start to think about the food I would like to serve...I go straight to my 'Cook Book Cupboard'. I haul down, whatever volumes, I think would be helpful, and start flipping pages. Yesterday, I pulled EVERYTHING out of the cupboard, and had a good look through, and was quite amazed at the quantity and variety of cook books in my collection. I managed to pull together a menu, and a shopping list...but approximately half of the menu items were sourced on the internet. I find it quite astounding, that even if you half remember a recipe you read about once, or saw on can google a chef or an ingredient...and presto...there it is, floating around in cyberspace!
I have to do some of my prep, later today, I will wander up the hill to the Bread Box, to choose my fresh produce. The weather is supposed to be fresh, simple food is the obvious choice.
Party on the Patio...I can't wait!

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  1. Me neither. I'm really looking forward to it.