Thursday, May 6, 2010

A late lunch at Vol Au Vent

Print Friendly and PDF It was a day like this, today. I did all my chores this morning, and wandered down to Vol au Vent with an armful of magazines to pass onto Nanna, and a fresh one, barely a month savour with my lunch, on the patio. I had a crab cake and a mixed green salad. They were both fresh and delicious, as usual...but I wanted something else. I had passed by the dessert counter on my way in with my cache of magazines, and I noticed the most perfect little tartlettes. They were my favorite, apple, and I know from experience, that they are made without any sugar. I ordered one with some whipped cream on the side, and a coffee. The apples were lightly browned, set on a flaky, buttery puff pastry, with exactly the right amount of cinnamon. It was dry enough I could have picked it up and eaten it without the aid of a knife and fork, but I didn't. The act of cutting it up into perfect little pieces, enabled me to shovel on some whipped cream!
Happy Spring! Vive le Vol au Vent!

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