Sunday, May 23, 2010

A pot of Chili on a cold day

Print Friendly and PDF Well, I am DEFINITELY NOT here! It is the May long weekend and it is COLD!! When my mother was alive, the May long weekend would mean the P-Man and I getting home from work on Friday, packing up the car, and heading up the Coquihalla Highway to Salmon Arm. We would usually be pulling into town at around 10 at night, and the weekend was usually cold and rainy. We'd hang out with my mom, and do old lady stuff. We would order take out food from the pub down the street, take a drive and walk around the mall, and play a couple of rounds of dice. In the evening we would drive my mom to BINGO...and watch a whole lot of TV.
This weekend I decided to do some cooking, as I have some ground turkey thighs and some lamb shanks in the refrigerator. The P-Man and I are planning to go to a movie matinee of IRON MAN II, so I thought I would use the ground turkey in a chili. A couple hours of simmering and it can cool in the fridge until we get back home. I don't really have a standard chili recipe. To me, chili is one of those dishes, like spaghetti sauce, that changes depending on the ingredients you have on hand. There are definitely ingredients you have to include, but improvisation is to be expected. Here is how it came together today...
Cathy's Long Weekend Turkey Chili
In a large pot, add a couple of tablespoonfuls of canola oil. Add the ground turkey on medium high heat and brown it. Add a tablespoon or so of chili powder and ground cumin, and continue to fry it, until you can smell the spices. Then I add into the pot, all together: an onion, a couple of celery ribs, a red bell pepper, a carrot, a couple of cloves of garlic and a small red hot pepper all chopped as you like. Stir the veggies together with the meat, and then add a bottle of Guinness. Add 1 can of stewed tomatoes, a can of tomato soup, and a half drained can of kidney beans. Stir everything together with another tablespoon of chili powder, and ground cumin. Then simmer covered for 1 1/2 hours and uncovered for a half an hour. Check for salt, and adjust seasonings.
I never eat my chili until the next day...I'll let you know how it turns out, but now I have to get ready for the movie!

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