Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hawaii 50 and Orzo

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Okay...I promise this will be my last comment on the fabulous Hawaii 50 Marathon I have been watching all week. Guess who Steve McGarrett was at the mercy of this morning...GAVIN MCCLOUD!! Remember him? He went onto GREAT FAME as the captain of the LOVE BOAT in the 1980's! The most hilarious thing about Gavin's performance...his name in the episode. I haven't heard such a crazy name since 'HUGGY BEAR' hung around with Starsky and Hutch! Gavin's name was 'BIG CHICKEN!!!' and he was playing a fierce gangster...polyester pants/turtleneck top,love beads, and all! Yikes...I will try to move on...

I have been using a new ingredient lately. Orzo. As you know, the P-Man is absolutely crazy about spaghetti, so I tend not to try out too many other pasta shapes. For one of my parties, I made a cold orzo salad, and quite enjoyed it. It didn't lose it's texture, even after a few days in the fridge. I also liked the way it let the vegetables take the leading role...but you still got the filling qualities of pasta.

The fridge/freezer clean out continues. I decided to purge the crisper this AM...before I do any more vegetable shopping. I made a warm orzo dish, that is full of veggie goodness. I intend to have some for lunch with some baked chicken. I won't be eating until late today, as I am FINALLY leaving the apartment to meet my friend J. in the big city to attend a fashion show at Granville Island, tonight. I wonder if they will be showing any HAWAIIAN PRINTS! HA!

Back to the orzo. I boiled up about a cup and 1/2, in generously salted water. I sauteed some chopped shallot,garlic,carrot,and celery in olive oil. I added a good amount of black pepper, and a bit of salt. When the mixture had softened, I added some Swiss chard leaves, sliced...and a generous amount of fresh oregano and thyme. Once the chard had wilted, I squeezed the juice of a whole lemon over top, and gave it a taste, and added more pepper. Once the orzo was al dente, I drained it, and added it to the veggies. Very tasty.

Mahalo for your patience through this Hawaii obsessed week...

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