Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hawaii 50 and thai red curry shrimp

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Ahhh...Hawaii! Great News! The Hawaii 50 marathon is on all week! This morning, Steve McGarrett was shot 3 times...and his hair was still as gorgeous as ever! You work it, STEVE! Yesterday, It absolutely poured rain all day. This morning the weatherman said that we set a one day rainfall record. it's funny how when you have a stay at home rain day, and you are a little googly eyed from too much Hawaii start craving something, unusual. As there was no way I could walk up the hill for any groceries, dinner had to be entirely from food on hand. I had a bag of frozen prawns in the freezer, so I started looking for recipes. I settled on 'Thai Red Curry Shrimp.' courtesy of Cooking Light, and The recipe was super simple, but I wanted to add a few veggies to it. I added 3 green onions, sliced, a yellow zucchini, sliced, and some swiss chard, only the leaves, sliced into thin strips. I remember buying some curry paste, and fish sauce for another recipe a year or so I had everything, including a can of light coconut milk...(an incredible 72% less fat than regular coconut milk.) I am not a regular curry maker, but I was pleasantly surprised at how rich and delicious it turned out. The smell of fish sauce is enough to get me to open all the windows in the apartment...but once everything is simmered together...the flavour is quite nutty, and luxurious, and to my surprise, not too spicy at all.
I was on a roll, so I also decided to make dessert. I had a bag of frozen blackberries, and once I defrosted them, I cooked them slowly in a saucepan, with a cinnamon stick, and some buckwheat honey, until the mixture was reduced by half, and nicely thickened. I took out my last piece of puff pastry, and rolled it out into 4 squares, and made nice fluted edges. I baked them in a 425 oven for 10 minutes, and set them aside. After the curry was eaten, and before GLEE started, I spooned some of the fruit onto the pastry, added a scoop of frozen yogurt and some light whipped cream, and VOILA! Fancy fruit tart.

It was almost like being back in Hawaii...

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