Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New tastes...Great tastes...Bagels all around...

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I have written before of my love for Siegel's Bagels. The P-Man and I headed into the big city last weekend, and I had to stop. You reward card was FULL. I was entitled to 1 DOZEN FREE BAGELS!!! To celebrate, I thought I would branch out and order a new flavour. If you've never been to Siegel's, really, What's wrong with you? Their bagel selection is something special. Always your old favorites like onion, and poppy seed. Occasionally, new flavours that are worth a try. After scanning the bagels behind glass, like a hungry kid at the movie concession, I decided to try 4 Rosemary and rock salt, in addition to my 4 multi grain, and 4 poppy seed.

After a nice day in the big city, we headed home to a bagel dinner. I lightly toasted a Rosemary and rock salt bagel. I spread it with some of Siegel's delicious lite veggie cream cheese, and added a couple of slices of ripe, red tomatoes, picked up from the Vernon farmers market, and a couple of chunks of baked salmon, from the night before's supper. By the time I walked out of the kitchen with my open faced plate of goodness...the P-Man was swiping up the extra salt and rosemary from his now completely empty plate, and heading into the kitchen to put another bagel in the toaster!

The Rosemary flavour was so intense when it was warmed in the toaster. The rock salt just added extra ZIP...especially because I used tomatoes, and thankfully DID NOT salt them. As I settled in to watch a little tv before bed, I was contemplating the morning joy of scrambled eggs, with a buttered poppy seed bagel...

Siegel's...I Love You!!

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