Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yew on Sunday...Yummy Fried Chicken!

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The P-Man and I like to go into the big city and do some shopping, AND eating on Sundays. What luck, Yew Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel has 1/2 price bottles of wine on Sundays! Our experience last Sunday was not perfect. The P-Man ordered an omelet with truffle oil and goat cheese and arugula. It arrived with truffle oil...and that was it. They didn't charge him for it. Poor thing kept thinking that maybe the goat cheese and arugula were just HIDING somewhere in the middle of the hot fluffy omelet. It took him a whole other glass of wine to get over the disappointment!

I had better luck. I ordered the fried chicken, and it was hot and crispy, and well seasoned and moist and juicy...do you get the picture? It was like some little old Southern grandma had flown into Vancouver to fry some chicken...just for ME! I can't even really recall the sides...oh yes, it was a snappy little salad with arugula and watermelon and cheese, I think. The chicken stole the show...I just ate the salad to be polite!

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