Friday, October 8, 2010

Sorry little Piggy...I'm a little OFF my food!

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I spoke to my dear cousin Winnipeg yesterday. We had a chat about this and that, and somehow it came up that SHE DOESN'T LIKE TO READ ABOUT PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT FOOD!! Considering I write a food blog...I found this little insight quite disturbing. Once I recovered from the shock, I began to consider what she said. You know what? I kind of agree! I think that food...and talking about food has become some sort of neurotic obsession. Especially with North Americans. I read an article recently in British Elle, that said that people treat food in such an absurd way, that they have forgotten the basic feelings of fullness, and hunger, and the simple DESIRE to eat something. With all of the bizarre food fallacies floating around...not to mention the ridiculous diets and foods that are GOOD FOR YOU...OR BAD FOR wonder people are scared to eat!

I have had a bit of a cold this last week or so, and I haven't really felt like eating. I have, on the other hand, been CRAVING certain things. Certain tastes, like sour cream, and nectarines, and chocolate, and beef. I have done my best to eat whatever I have been craving, and I am starting to feel better. I had a large feed of Sushi yesterday. I was sooo hungry walking down the hill...unable to find a ripe nectarine, and worried that Taka Sushi was closed, as it was only 3:15. I found it was open...and when I got home, I sat down, and ate every bite. I also drank a whole pot of chai tea, with hot milk...and felt revived.

I feel better coughing at all. My stomach is starting to rumble. What's for lunch?

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