Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The September Issue and a little DOLCE GELATO

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We have had a bit of a reprieve from winter. September has been warm and sunny! I have been down at the beach for lunch a bit too much, lately...as Jack at Slainte put it: " So Cathy, How are you enjoying your RETIREMENT!" Yikes! The truth HURTS! HA!
I have been taking my Social Media class on Monday nights. I don't know why, but that one act has sort have been my tipping point. I feel as if I am running around like a crazy chicken with no head...or...spending 3 to 4 hours a day chained to my computer investigating this strange new world of Social Media. Either way...my blogging has suffered...and I do apologize.
My new goal is shorter blogs, and more photos, and lots of links to everything and anything related to my new social media life.

Here goes:

I am becoming positively ADDICTED to the Halibut Bites at Slainte by the Pier. For a little under 9 dollars, you get a lovely deep bowl full of the most perfect little deep fried...but not at all greasy...hot sweet tasting morsels of snow white halibut. Each bite then has a dip in the most creamy and delicious, tangiest, tartar sauce, and the whole experience is topped off with a spoonful of sweet,green,mushy peas! With a glass or two of a crisp Sauvingnon Blanc...you have a perfect lunch. ( I do on occasion add some shoestring or yam fries, or salad...but the fish is what I LOVE!!)

How convenient that only 3 doors down from Slainte...is Dolce Gelato. I am always looking at the new flavours...but I have lived in White Rock for almost 10 years now...and the CHOCOLATE is what turns me on. A scoop in a cute little cup, with that little plastic spoon makes me feel like I hardly ate anything! The smooth rich chocolate flavour that keeps me purring like a kitten all day...lets me remember why I never grow tired of the best Gelato I have ever eaten...

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