Friday, October 22, 2010

Spaghetti and ?

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This is the person who I constantly make spaghetti for. This person would rather be eating spaghetti than swimming in this pool. the P-Man. I had an evening engagement last evening, so I thought the P-Man would find it comforting to come home to an apartment that eventhough was empty...contained the smells of his favorite meal. I took a bit of time in the morning to pick up some fresh ground turkey thigh, and when I got home, I tried to create a tasty yet DIFFERENT sauce for the beloved spaghetti. I started by sauteeing the standard onion,garlic, celery and carrot, I added the meat, and a huge handfull of dried basil, as well as a bit of ground chili pepper,salt and pepper. I then added a prepared jar of you know what sauce, some Italian stewed tomatoes, AND a can of drained and rinsed chick peas. I added a bit more basil, pepper etc, and set the pan on very low. I had time to simmer it for a few hours, so I changed out of my now very oniony smelling cooking clothes, grabbed my sunglasses and a magazine, and headed down to Le Vol Au Vent for lunch. After a few too many glasses of wine...AND one of the most tender, flavourful, luxurious, sumptuous,( well, you get the picture!)braised lamb shanks I have ever had the privelige to suck the meat off of...I decided I better stagger up the hill to see if my apartment was full of smoke! My sauce was I threw it in the fridge to cool, sent an e-mail to the P-Man, regarding the menu for the evening, and headed out to my event...A WINE TASTING!! HA! Way to get a head start...I told myself...The P-Man was sleeping when I returned home a few hours later...but if he has any say in it...tonight the leftover meal of choice will be??? SPAGHETTI...OF COURSE!!

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