Monday, January 11, 2010


Print Friendly and PDF I started going to WW meetings, and following along in the pretty booklets, and started to lose some weight. A couple of pounds here and there, a bit of exercise and somehow, before I knew it, I lost 41 pounds. That was 2 years ago now. The miracle of it, is that I haven't gained ANY OF IT BACK! I made some pretty significant changes in my life. I changed careers, gave up my car, and started cooking in a brand new way. I no longer ate a whole t-bone steak with pork and beans for dinner. I no longer ate lasagna and salad and garlic toast for lunch. I no longer ate 5 potato pancakes, and a cup of sour cream for breakfast. I viewed the new me with a bit of skepticism. My once round face had become oval, I had hair down to my shoulders, and I bought a pair of jeans with a zipper and a waistband.( after YEARS of elastic waists!) I got rid of almost all of my old cookbooks, and started visiting a website called, that listed the nutritional information for every recipe along with a suggested serving size. The P-man was a willing guinea pig, so I tried new ingredients, and new combinations. I even started cooking lunches for friends of his at his work! A thin Foodie? I was starting to believe...

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