Saturday, January 23, 2010


Print Friendly and PDF I grew up eating breakfast. Not just cereal. My mom didn't work, so I remember bacon and eggs and toast for breakfast. My dad used to take me out for breakfast every Sunday morning when I was little, and I would always have silver dollar pancakes and a side of pork sausage. I was never able to finish my sausages, because I was too interested in my pancakes, and so my dad and I would have an argument about how much EXTRA sausages cost...and the least I could do was eat them! My mom said she always knew we were home from breakfast when she heard the car door SLAM...and she said the ground shook with my STOMPING up the walk, to let her know how badly I was treated at breakfast. I guess I had a short memory, because by the time next Sunday came along, I was dressed and in the car, before you could say ' Silver Dollar Pancake!' My dad and I also ate breakfast together on our many road trips to Las Vegas. I always remember the HUGE red vinyl booths at the Aladdin Hotel. I especially remember that he and I ate breakfast anytime during the day. We were both ALWAYS hungry...and sometimes after breakfast, we would have a piece of PIE! Thanks for the memories, Sam...

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