Friday, January 22, 2010

Le Vol Au Vent

Print Friendly and PDF The P-Man and I went out to dinner last night. We frequent a little French Restaurant called Le Vol Au Vent. The food is consistently excellent. I should know...I am usually there once a week. We started with calamari. This isn't your typical deep fried squid with gloppy tartar sauce from a jar. Michel does a lightly breaded squid fried and served in a small cast iron skillet, with loads of fresh garlic, and fresh lemon to squeeze on top when it arrives...sizzling at your table. It's the kind of dish that perfumes the whole restaurant, and makes all the other diners ask you what you are having...because they want to have some too! My cassoulet was a lovely pyramid of white beans with a crunchy crumb topping, browned in the oven. As you start to move the beans around, you are hit with a wonderful aroma of braised meat and herbs...all hiding in the pretty pile of beans. I quickly located a pork sausage, a chicken leg, and a piece of lamb. The meat was tender, and smokey and rich...perfect with the creamy beans. For a mere 24.95$...I took enough home for at least two lunches! You should go...Everyone should eat good food. This food is a hundred times better than good. Le Vol Au Vent: on Marine Dr in White Rock...across from the Museum.

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  1. Yes, Le Vol Au Vent is a retreat away from the mediocrity of the chain restaurant. Michel's deserts are deserving of a mention and I look forward to your comments ...does Cathy have a sweet tooth?