Thursday, January 21, 2010

Perogies...Beautiful Perogies

Print Friendly and PDF I work at an Italian Delicatessen in Ocean Park called Delitalia. I work in the kitchen. I have never worked in a kitchen before I got this job. Sometimes I think that my life is going Benjamin Button. Aren't you supposed to do jobs like waitress, or kitchen helper when you are a kid? After owning my own business for 17 years...I find making people sandwiches, and baking cookies and muffins, and slicing meat quite liberating. I also do a bit of retail consulting when the opportunity presents itself. Different work, to be sure, but my brain needs as much exercise as my body. I eat Italian food almost every day. I love it, but I am Ukrainian, and all of my fondest food memories revolve around food my Baba, or Aunties or Uncles made for me. I was doing my retail consulting thing last Saturday at Well Seasoned...a GREAT Gourmet Food Store! , and located right next door is a little cafe called Prairie Cottage Perogies. There are very few words that can cause me to drool...but PEROGIES is one of them. I went there for lunch, and for an UNBELIEVABLE $6.25, received a beautiful little white plate containing 3 perogies ( potato and cheese), with lightly fried onions on top, 2 cabbage rolls, a nice sized piece of kolbassa and some coleslaw. Honest to God, thought I was going to cry. It was as good as any I can remember...and as I was already having a flashback to food I seldom eat anymore...I even had a can of Diet Pepsi! I eat out a lot. That simple little plate put the last couple of years of restaurant food to shame! It was simple, and real...and done well. It's nearly a week later, and I'm STILL happy. You should go there...

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