Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Everyday Food

Print Friendly and PDF I got groceries, yesterday. I like to shop. Any kind of shopping suits me fine. I like the looking around part. I shop at a grocery store that offers a special coupon worth lots of points, if you spend 200$ Spending that much on groceries is a bit tricky, as I only cook for the P-Man and myself. I am also one of those lucky people who is not constantly time-stressed, and likes to shop at a butcher, and a produce store, and a bakery. I also have the option of shopping for food where I work. I usually try to spend most of my money on meat. Since I lost my weight, I eat a good deal of lean protein, and prefer turkey to chicken. I also prepare nearly all my meals from scratch, meaning, I don't buy a prepared rice or noodle packet mix. If I want rice or noodles, I boil them up, and make a sauce or something to go with them. I grew up eating prepared foods. I think all kids prefer to eat Kraft Dinner or Hamburger Helper...especially if they are not confident in the kitchen. I also had a lot of health problems as a kid. I was always sick with something, I was overweight, and had bad skin. I managed to spend 250$ on groceries, last night, and am thinking about what I am going to cook for the next couple of weeks. I have been playing around with some new recipes, and think I have a few winners! New Year...New Food!

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