Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Full moon dinner in Positano

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Tonight was our last night in Positano. When I was still home in Canada, I came across an article on a restaurant that was supposed to be amazing,so with the fabulous power of the Internet...I made a dinner reservation.
We walked out of our hotel, and up another flight of stairs...and there it was...Hotel Le Sirenuse. The restaurant was called La Sponda, and was even more beautiful than the photo. We were seated on a glorious patio,overlooking the harbour, and sat down just as the full moon was beginning to rise.
As we got settled with the menu, a small cart came rumbling up beside our table to offer us some champagne, or prosecco. A good sign, if ever I saw one! The menu was just the right size...edited down to the best of the best. We decided on the lobster stuffed ravioli, the grilled vegetables and the John Dory. The P-Man chose a delicious vino bianco, and the evening progressed at the most civilized pace. The pasta was incredibly tender and rich, with just a small amount of sauce. The fish was poached with lemon leaves,and floated on a delicate broth, accented with olive oil. It was truly exceptional. The vegetables were fresh and a perfect compliment to the fish, and a small pile of delicious mashed potatoes. The P-Man had some cheese for dessert...and we were given a taste of limoncello, to finish off our evening, and our wonderful couple of days in magical Positano

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