Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another day...Another lunch...

Print Friendly and PDF This is me sitting at The Primeburger in NYC.
I was just finished eating breakfast...but it was almost lunch time!

Cathy's List of Favorite Lunch things:
  • A nice wine list with a selection of white wines by the glass for under 10 dollars.
  • Some sort of a view. Even a brick wall can be interesting if viewed from a nice looking window.
  • A menu full of variety, in ingredients and preparations. Please, someone tell the goat cheese lobby..." WE'VE HAD ENOUGH!!"
  • Servers who actually seem to enjoy eating, and who understand something about cooking.
  • A restaurant full of animated people discussing interesting things! ( I love to eavesdrop on conversations.)
  • Great music! The soundtrack to a memorable Lunch!

I am sad today, as the P-Man is off on another business trip. It is raining, and I got up too early to get him to work, and didn't have time to brush my teeth until recently, and am anticipating being lonely for several days! ( Heavy Sigh, Whine, Whine!) To make myself feel a bit better...I took myself out to lunch. I went to The Cactus Club in South Surrey. I always to prefer to eat in a non-chain restaurant, but I quite like the Cactus Club. The food is reasonably priced, and best of all, very consistent. They change their menu seasonally, and I can taste the freshness. Today I had the Halibut Soft Tacos, and the yam fries with chipotle mayo. I guess you could say I was sad AND hungry today! The tacos were very good. Two tacos plus a side of guacamole, a few crisp tortilla chips and some fresh salsa. The tacos were filled with blackened halibut with fresh green cabbage slaw and some fresh tomatoes. I shoveled some guacamole into the taco and started eating. The taco was a fresh white flour tortilla, at room temperature. The fish was flaky, and a bit spicy, but I wouldn't call it blackened, as it was described in the menu. The cabbage was crisp and fresh. It was a nice textural contrast, and a fresh combination. It just could have used a bit more spice, or perhaps a bit of sharpness...maybe some lime. The guacamole tasted fine...again really light on heat, but the thing that I didn't like was the brownish color. Someone had forgot to coat the avocado in lime juice, to preserve it's almost iridescent lime green color...and it looked sad and unappetizing. The fresh salsa was nice and zippy with heat...but tomatoes are so far from being at their best this time of year, I really don't know why they bothered. The yam fries were sweet and salty, and the accompanying chipotle mayo was rich and mildly spicy. I have never been to the Southwestern United States, or to Mexico, so I cannot compare it to the authentic dishes they were modelled after. Today, on a rainy Thursday in BC, with a heavy filled me up.

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