Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Travelling...NOT Eating!!

Print Friendly and PDF I woke up at 2:30 AM on Saturday morning. The alarm was set for 4 AM...but I always worry that I will sleep through the alarm and miss my plane! At 4 AM the alarm finally DID ring, and the P-Man and I got ready for our NYC adventure! Arriving at YVR at 4:45 AM...we got checked in...begged once again for an upgrade and were turned down...and made our way to the lounge to have some breakfast. We had some coffee some cereal and skim milk and a piece of toast with some butter and jam. After chatting with a man about the horrible turbulence he had on his last flight to Hamburg in a snowstorm, ( WHY do people share things like that with you, just before you have to board a flight??), we made our way to the gate, and left right on time...7 AM. The flight was 4 hours to Toronto...and considering the effort it takes to sit there and read...I was STARVING! We tried to buy some food,but everything looked so disgusting, and was so expensive,we just had another drink, and waited to land in Toronto. After passing through security, we had about 30 minutes till our flight...so we headed to a bar and split the WORST smoked meat sandwich I have ever had in my life. It was supposed to be warm...it was cold. The meat was supposed to be thin...it was thick. The bread was supposed to be rye...it was, I have no idea. We wolfed it down, along with some lukewarm fries...and headed to the gate. We did sit in business class from Toronto to New York, and were served a nice little plate of 3 kinds of cheese, 2 kinds of crackers, some red grapes, and a slice of tomato. FRESH FOOD!!! I nearly wept. We ate what we could, as the flight was only an hour...and then we were at our final destination, NYC. After a speedy taxi ride to our hotel...we dropped our bags, and headed out in search of some REAL food. We ended up at a restaurant called 'Cafe Un Deux Trois'. I had poached salmon with Bearnaise sauce, sauteed broccoli with garlic, and mashed potatoes. I was both tired and hungry, which for me is a deadly combination, that requires IMMEDIATE comfort food! This salmon was PERFECT. The texture was absolutely incredible. It was so soft, that you sort of had to scoop it off the plate. Once in your mouth,the luxuriousness of the fish was so surprising! I eat salmon all the time...but this was like salmon from heaven. The plates were hot, and the fish was also incredibly hot...but as I ate, and it cooled down...I realized that the initial few bites had contained the essence of the salmon. The Bearnaise sauce was draped onto the fish the way a silk gown drapes beautifully across a woman's body. It was tangy and rich, and they gave you just enough to tease you. The sauteed broccoli was soft but still a vibrant green...and the punch of fresh garlic was unexpected, almost embarrassing ,considering the subtleness of the salmon. the mashed potatoes were good...but almost unnecessary considering the excellence of the other 2 items on the plate. Oh, wait, There was also a broiled tomato half, brushed with butter, and topped with fresh thyme. It was tart, and soft, and hot, and the thyme smelled more than it tasted... it was a perfect addition to the plate. I walked back to the hotel after that meal, feeling as if I had just been to a spa. I was pleasantly full, and feeling warm and satisfied. I love New York!

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