Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's never a bad thing to learn something NEW

Print Friendly and PDF When I first started at the deli, my boss P. walked me over to the big scary industrial sized espresso machine and said " Of course, you will also be learning how to make coffee..." I can assure you, I could imagine nothing worse than a counter full of DEMANDING coffee people all lined up, SHOUTING for their morning espresso!( You know who you are E.!) After some lessons...I am at least capable of making one or two types of coffee. Although, you should have seen me the other morning trying to change the coffee bean dispenser. Just picture coffee beans all over the damn place. It felt a little like an episode of "I Love Lucy" complete with big boss P. walking through the front door as I was trying to sweep up the beans...YIKES!! After I lost my forty pounds...everything felt a bit awkward as well. I wasn't quite sure what to eat, how much to exercise, I just didn't feel comfortable with the new me. I have been on maintenance at Weight Watchers for a little over two years now. That simply means I have to attend only one meeting per month...but am welcome to go to as many as I like, free of charge. I only go to one. I go to be weighed. I have a scale at home...but have never weighed myself. I don't like to think about my weight going up or down all month. As long as I can do my pants up...I think I am fine. Last month I lost 4.4 pounds. I had gained a pound or a pound and a half in Dec, and January, and decided that I would try to turn the truck around. I like to be around 130 lbs...and I was up to 134. At this rate, I could be up 12 pounds by next Christmas...NO THANK YOU! So...what did I do? I stopped drinking wine during the week, took a one hour beginners Pilates reformer class and I walked home 2 times from work, ( one hour ) and I walked an additional one and a half hours on my day off. So in 30 days... I added three days of walking, and four, one hour classes that I spent mostly lying on my back! Who knows...I may try to make someone a cappuccino tomorrow.

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