Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Special Day!

Print Friendly and PDF Today is our special day. We have been married 25 years! Our day started with a lovely breakfast at our hotel. I had coffee and a toasted bagel with cream cheese and fresh fruit compote. The simplest things taste the best, especially after yesterday's disappointing food. The coffee was made in a French Press and was hot and delicious...sort of sweet tasting. The bagel was well toasted, and the cream cheese was super smooth. The star was the fruit compote. It was like the best jam you have ever tasted. It was full of strawberries and blueberries. Not too sweet, but wonderfully fruity! After breakfast, we headed off to Soho to shop. A couple of hours later we stopped for lunch at the Mercer Kitchen. We shared two delicious dishes. A fennel, mushroom,and arugula salad, and a chicken, avocado, and bacon sandwich. Both were fresh, and tasty, and tasted as if the person who made them, perhaps from time to time, may actually have eaten them! After MORE shopping...we started walking to the restaurant that we were having supper at...Little Owl. This place had the sort of charm that you usually only see in the movies. It was tiny, with only about 30 seats. The menu was simple, and everything looked great. I decided on the baked clams and the baked cod with butternut squash risotto, and sauteed cabbage. The clams were HUGE, and a little chewy...but the cod got better and better with every bite. The fish was cooked perfectly, and was moist inside and a bit crisp on the outside. It sat on a pile of risotto that was creamy and crunchy with tiny cubes of butternut squash and pumpkin seeds. There was a little pile of sauteed red cabbage on top of the fish, that was sweet and a bit tart. The combination of the three tastes and textures made for a fantastic meal. As this was a special day, I finished with a cookie plate consisting of warm chocolate chip, shortbread with a fresh raspberry, and a biscotti flavored with aniseed. Little Owl was a delight...kind of like the last 25 years. Surprising, sweet, and great with a glass or two of champagne!

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  1. Happy Special Day!! Such a nice picture of you two...your trip sounds fabulous so far...