Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A late lunch and MOMA

Print Friendly and PDF The rain continued to fall...and we decided to stop for a late lunch before heading to The Museum of Modern Art, for Friday night...Free Night! We found a little place a block from our hotel called Saju Bistro. We staggered in, soaked and hungry, and were seated at a cute little table by the window. The menu was Mediterranean, and we started with some wine, and nibbled on the excellent bowl of olives and bread on the table. The olives were all sizes and colors, coated in a peppery olive oil, nestled beside large peeled cloves of garlic, YUM! We shared the country pate, which was excellent. It was a nice chunky mixture of meats/liver, studded with truffle and bright green pistachios. It came with a little celery remoulade, cornichons, and some mustard. We had a bit more wine, and decided on some pasta. I had a great linguine vongole. Once again, my dish came absolutely PIPING HOT, and was a delicious mixture of fresh sweet clams, lots of garlic, fresh parsley, and white wine. It was both warming, and filling perfect for this rainy afternoon.
We headed off to MOMA, and I am really glad we decided against eating there, because the Museum was PACKED!! There was am exhibition of Tim Burton drawings and short films that was completely sold out, but I really wanted to see the lobby exhibition of Irving Penn black and white photographs. They were great, and we headed upstairs to have a wander around. There was a fairly large exhibit of charcoal drawings by a South African artist named William Kentridge. I was not familiar with his work, but I liked it. In particular, there was one piece that was titled ' HER ABSENCE FILLED THE WORLD' that made my night. I wasn't expecting anything, so to have seen something so moving...was another unforgettable NYC moment.

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