Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hello BC

Print Friendly and PDF We struggled through one more rainy, windy New York day, a bit of thunder, a cancelled flight, and arrived back to BC approximately a half an hour earlier than originally planned...thanks to a very cooperative tailwind. It is taking me a bit of time to get myself out of vacation mode. I have no food in the apartment, and am trying to do some laundry, and am feeling that post vacation hangover. The P-Man has headed back to work, and I am sitting here in my pajamas listening to one of the finest albums ever made, ' Sea of Change' by Beck. It is St Patrick's Day today, and the sun is starting to come out. Perhaps I will wander down to Slainte for a glass of green beer and make a grocery list. With the cupboards and fridge empty, I will definitely have to improvise. It's so quiet here. I miss the horns honking and the crowds of cell phone chatting people. I miss seeing something NEW every 5 seconds. It was a GREAT TRIP! Thanks New York...

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  1. You may be less than thrilled to be back in BC but I'm happy you're home!! Glad to hear you had a good trip; can't wait to hear about it at work.
    P.S. Sea of Change by Beck is in my top ten records of all time :) good taste woman!