Saturday, December 4, 2010

Don't Forget about LUNCH!

Print Friendly and PDF These Tea Towels were on display at DIGS in Bellingham. I think someone could make a fortune in Canada with a tea towel line featuring a POUTINE THEME!! Hey, maybe I should get on that! I know that I tend to wax poetic about how much I LOVE breakfast. This blog is dedicated to giving some LOVE to lunch! I like to eat. That is certainly no secret. I take 3 meals a day for granted, and get a little huffy when I am only able to fit 2 meals into a day. ( Such as when I am power shopping in Seattle with a person who is a little tight with her money, and this person insists that we eliminate lunch in favour of a 4 pm 'HAPPY HOUR'!!) But really, I'm not bitter...

I came across this great article on the Food Network website called: " Don't forget about lunch." and I found it to be a good reminder why eating in the middle of the day is a sensible and healthy choice.
Check it out, and let me know what you think...

Don't Forget About Lunch.

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