Friday, December 3, 2010

Little Cheerful

Print Friendly and PDF Last week was Black Friday, so my friend J. and I were headed to Seattle to shop. We decided to stay a night at her family cabin on Lake Whatcom to break up the long drive. As a sort of 'warm-up' we headed into Bellingham to have a bite to eat and a shop around. The P-Man and I used to have a ski cabin on the way to Mount Baker. We used to go to Bellingham all the time. That little cabin has long been sold, and I can't remember the last time I was in Bellingham. It looked relatively unchanged. I am even happy to report that the little store where I purchased my ' Princess Diana-Like wedding gown ' 25 years ago, is still in business! HA!

After a night in J.'s cabin, ( Just us and 4 or 5 little mousies running around hopped up on peanut butter, and the thrill of not being caught in a trap!) we headed into Bellingham for a hearty pre-shopping breakfast. We settled on a funky little cafe called 'LITTLE CHEERFUL'. This place had ambiance, up the wazoo! The photo is of the swinging doors leading into the busy kitchen, full of 4 or 5 young men churning out some seriously yummy food. The waitress was hilarious, and managed to remember the 5 daily breakfast specials that included things such as steak and eggs, crab cake Benedict, and something that included prawns. The only thing funnier than the owner, running around like a mad fiend, in his bare feet and well worn Birkenstocks, sporting a Jerry Garcia beard, was the menu. The menu actually had a whole section devoted to hash browns, with assorted things mixed in, like tofu, or hot peppers. J. had one of the hash brown things, and pronounced it delicious! I had a pretty standard egg, sausage, pancake breakfast...and it was fresh and hot, with real maple syrup and buttermilky pancakes, fluffy eggs and tasty, not too greasy sausage.

My love of breakfast lives on! Little Cheerful is definitely worth the drive...Rock On, Bellingham... to check out the very funny menu!

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