Friday, December 10, 2010

Rockaway Taco: A film by Todd Selby

Print Friendly and PDF When you are 'into' find ways to do more than just eat and cook. I recently attended a panel discussion at the Museum of Vancouver, on Vancouver's New Food Writing. I was astounded that considering the 5 people on the panel were all writers, or bloggers, or had written cookbooks, the discussion was not only flat, but I was kind of offended how they all just seemed to be there to promote their 'THING'...whatever that was. I left with the conclusion that if this was a fair representation of Vancouver's food writers/writing...I can't believe that's all we've got. Article after article on SPOT PRAWN SEASON...and yet ANOTHER author feeling the need to write about her relationship with food, while living in PARIS...yawn...

I have been surfing around, looking at different websites in hopes of creating my own next year. It is a little difficult for me to do this, as I have a terrible affliction...I seem to be interested in SO MANY different things! The first website I visited today had a video on it, called Rockaway Taco. The website belongs to a fairly famous photographer named Todd Selby...who refers to himself as THE SELBY.
I found this video charming and real, and it made me want to have a taco, AND learn to surf. It is related to I thought I would pass it on.
Do yourself a favour...wait for a really rainy or snowy day and then watch it...I think I LIKE the SELBY...

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