Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter mash

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For at least a week now, I have had a sad little turnip sitting in my crisper drawer. Every time I open my refrigerator, there it is...looking at me. I decided to make a winter mash up. I peeled my turnip, and a couple of small potatoes. I placed them in a pot, with an unpeeled sweet potato (the orange one. I can never remember if it is a yam or a sweet potato!)put in water to cover, and let them boil. The turnip was the last to get tender, but when it was, I drained them. I warmed up about a cup of 1% milk, with a knob of butter in the microwave, and added it to the potato/turnip mixture. Then I threw in about a tablespoon of grainy Dijon mustard, and the same amount of creamed horseradish, salt and pepper, and started to mash.

It took some elbow grease...thank goodness I have been doing some arm/shoulder exercises...but I got a relatively smooth mash. It had a nice bite from the horseradish, and a bit of tang from the mustard. The sweet potato gave the whole mixture that nice root vegetable sweetness that I LOVE.

I ate a bowlful, topped with some of the leftover meat sauce from the lasagna, and found it to be a lovely sweet, sour and meaty combo. I have a piece of salmon in the fridge. Just in case the P-Man hogs the lasagna, like Garfield on a Monday...I have a Plan B!

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